The Secrets of Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience

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Date and Fee

19-23, June, 2023, Arusha Fee: Tshs. 690,000

11-15, September, Morogoro Fee: Tshs. 850,000

20-25 November, Arusha. Fee: Tshs. 690,000

4-8 December, Mwanza Fee: 850,000

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Course Overview

Customer experience is vital for future purchase intention and recommendation. Most organizations use much energy and resources to market their products and services. Far fewer understand how to make their clients loyal and keep on buying their products or services as well as recommending the products and services to others continually. In this course appealing techniques for attracting, delighting and fulfilling customer expectations will be learnt. This will enable the participant’s organizations enjoy free word of mouth advertising.


Training learning outcome

Participants will be able to;

  • Identify and understand customer needs and expectations
  • Match customer perceptions with expectations
  • Understand product and service quality dimensions
  • Understand customer service management principles
  • Appraise customers’ needs and initiate satisfaction strategies
  • Render high quality services and satisfy customers
  • Plan a customer service management and loyalty programme to enhance positive customer experience, satisfaction, retention and word of mouth 


The target group

  • Customer service professionals/team
  • Marketing managers
  • Directors and Managers at all levels
  • Workers who have direct contact with customers
  • Office administrators
  • Secretaries & Receptionists
  • Business owners


Course Contents  

  • Introduction to customer service management
  • The role of valuing internal customers on service quality
  • Customer Experience: Expectations and Perceptions
  • Product and service quality dimensions
  • Principles of customer service management
  • Customer acquisition and retention strategies for customers
  • Strategies for handling customer complaints
  • Strategies for dealing with irritated customers
  • Effective business communication
  • Service recovery strategies
  • Measuring customer satisfaction

Developing customer and loyalty Management system

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