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Timeless Business Solution is a professional service audit firm that offers accounting, tax, assurance and consulting services to companies in diverse sectors in Tanzania.


Banking and Microfinance

We work with Banking and Microfinance Institutions which have multiple reporting responsibilities, to the Bank of Tanzania, Tanzania Revenue Authority and Shareholders.


In addition to audit and assurance services, we help our insurance clients meet their regulatory reporting responsibilities including tax compliance matters.

Gems and Minerals

Our experience in servicing our Gems and Minerals’ client spans all the way from 2014 to date.

Schools & Colleges

Our firm has had opportunity to work with International Schools, University Colleges, Public and Private schools over the years.


We have worked with a good number of Tourism related companies, including Tour guide, airport transferers, concierges, ground transporters, Safari designers and marketers.

Goverment Entities

We have worked with several government entities and agencies. These include utility authorities, Government financed projects and corporations.

Quality and reliability

A key aspect of our service is significant involvement of our partners in any assignment we undertake. This practice enables us to develop clear understanding of our clients’ businesses and tailor our approach to meet their needs.

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Everyone needs a time just for itself – learn the importance of your time with timeless business solutions

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Timeless Feedback Review

Welcome to our customer experience feedback page. This helps us improve our service to you.

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Feedback Review

Welcome to our customer experience feedback page. This helps us improve our service to you.