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Banking and Microfinance

We work with Banking and Microfinance Institutions which have multiple reporting responsibilities, to the Bank of Tanzania, Tanzania Revenue Authority and Shareholders. Our experience over the years has earned us inordinate reputation for compliance advisory services to our clients in banking and Microfinance Institutions. Our senior staff have had plenty of banking experience prior to joining our firm.


In addition to audit and assurance services, we help our insurance clients meet their regulatory reporting responsibilities including tax compliance matters. We have worked with Insurance companies and agents/brokers. We are proud of the experience our team has garnered over the years in this industry.


Our firm has worked with many NGOs in the past ten years. Our experience has evolved from statutory compliance with registrar of NGOs, requirement to file income tax or exemption thereof to donor reporting requirements. We have simply become expert in working with NGOs when it comes to financial statements reporting and compliance. We have helped a good number of our clients in this industry avoid unnecessary tax liabilities by advising the best industry financial statements presentation in accordance with International Financial Reporting for Non-Profit Organizations (IFR4NPOs).

Schools & Colleges

Our firm has had opportunity to work with International Schools, University Colleges, Public and Private schools over the years. Our experience in this industry is competitive enough to provide your school/college with excellent professional services.


We have worked with a good number of Tourism related companies, including Tour guide, airport transferers, concierges, ground transporters, Safari designers and marketers. We have pinned down the main and common risks facing this industry including need for transfer pricing agreements, overnight change in regulations, Sudden outbreak of Pandemic such as Covid-19 (which flattened the industry late 2019 and 2020) and political stability. Your engagement with us is guaranteed to deliver on your expectations. All you need to do is to define them carefully for us and then we do our best.

Goverment Entities

We have worked with several government entities and agencies. These include utility authorities, Government financed projects and corporations.

Hospitals & Health Centres

Over the years we have had opportunity to work with Hospitals and health Centers such as Nkinga Referral Hospital in Tabora, Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre (ALMC) in Arusha, Bugando Medical Centre in Mwanza, Afya Max Life Care in Arusha, St Elizabeth Hospital Arusha (SEHA). We have also worked with various pharmaceuticals and human drug dealers, i.e., Sabena Pharmaceutical–Arusha, Trinity Pharmacy – Arusha.

Mechanics & Engineering

Our firm has worked with various mechanics and engineering firms. For example, we have worked with Auto tech car care Limited (Automatic car washers) and Garage, Machinery Euro Africa Limited (outsourcing and Delivery agent of Trucks and spare parts from Europe) to point out a few.

Gems & Minerals

Our experience in servicing our Gems and Minerals’ client spans all the way from 2014 to date. We have tuned key risk areas for the clients in this industry and have formulated the best way to mitigate those risks. The compliance with laws and regulations ranks on top of the list.

Agriculture & Seed Processing

For over ten years we have been serving clients in this industry who have indicated good performance following our services. Our clients include co-operatives unions, co-operative societies, sesame growers, cashew growers, maize, sunflower and cotton growers and processers. We have also worked with seed processing companies, such as Beula Seed Company and Consultancy Limited, and Rizjk Zwaan-Arusha.

Manufacturing & Processing plant

Our firm has had opportunity to work with food processing plants in Arusha, Mbeya, Mwanza and Dar es Salaam. For example, we provided internal control services to Happy Sausages Limited (meat processing firm), provided special audit to Kijenge Animal Products, (multi agricultural processing plant). We have also worked with wholesaler and distributors of winery and spirit products, electronics and gadgets.


Apart from working with lawyers to provide joint legal services to our esteemed clients, we have also worked with lawyers on their firms’ returns of income, preparation of financial statements and online certification of annual returns of income. Our experience has been not only in working with individual advocates but also in working with corporate legal firms. We do what we do best and we have been referred to as Accountant for Accountants and other professionals such as lawyers.

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