The Science of Emotional Intelligence and Self-development

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Date and Fee

12-16 June, 2023, Arusha            Fee: Tshs. 690,000

6-10 November, 2023, Arusha     Fee: Tshs. 690,000

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Course Overview

Emotions can influence the way people act and react at workplace. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize our behavior, moods, and impulses and manage them in a positive manner so that our communication may be effective with empathy to others, manage stress, overcome challenging situations and defuse conflict. Emotional intelligence helps you build stronger relationships, succeed at work, and achieve your career and personal goals.

Course Learning Outcome

After the course learners are will to be able to:

  • Identify the benefits of emotional
  • Learn the four core skills required to practice emotional
  • Interpret and manage your emotions.
  • Master tools to regulate and gain control of one’s own emotions Articulate your emotions using the right language.
  • Balance optimism and
  • Use the concepts and techniques in the

Learning Methodology

Learning will be facilitated through lectures, discussion, and case studies.


  • The concept of emotional intelligence (EI)

·        Self-awareness (SA)

·        Self-Regulation/Managing emotions (ME)

  • Self-Motivation (M)

·        Empathy (E)

  • Social Skills (SS)

·        Four Skills in Emotional Intelligence

·        Verbal Communication Skills

·        Non-Verbal Communication Skills

·        Social Management and Responsibility


Top level Managers, Middle and lower-level managers, Senior administrative professionals including executive / senior secretaries, personal assistants, and other senior administrative professionals reporting to senior / middle management and human resource of departments.

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