Public Relations, Protocol and Ethics

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Date and Fee

22-26 May, 2023   Arusha Fee: Tshs. 760,000

 11-15, September, Morogoro Fee: Tshs. 760,000

20-25 November, Arusha. Fee: Tshs. 760,000

4-8 December, Mwanza Fee: Tshs 760,000


Fee: The fee covers facilitation, breakfast, lunch, participation certificate, and materials only

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Course Overview

This course is essential for imparting participants with key skills on PR, protocol and etiquette. The learners will be acquainted with the following skills; supervisory skills, effective communication skills, teamwork skills, etiquette skills, time management at work place, delegation skills, protocol and ethics skills and problem-solving skills, professional preparation of documents and other skills needed in handling day to day operations. These skills will be invaluable assets for the performance of the organization.


Target Group

Senior administrative professionals including executive / senior secretaries, personal assistants, and other senior administrative professionals reporting to senior / middle management and human resource of departments.


Benefits of the Course

After the course learners are will to be able to:

  • Manage their roles and identify key tasks to achieve peak performance
  • Be a good coach and delegate tasks to their ‘juniors’ confidently, and tactically
  • Take feedback and criticisms positively and give timely constructive feedback to promote greater team effort
  • Be a respected team leader and good role model, and win the respect and trust of subordinates, colleagues and bosses
  • Explain how to behave correctly in both business and social situations
  • Describe how to interact and communicate effectively with different types of guests
  • Demonstrate appropriate personal and professional conduct
  • Plan VIP visits and formal occasions while executing the role of the ideal host
  • Apply proper communication etiquette
  • Implement different variations in protocol and etiquette from different cultures, nations and regions


Course Contents

  • The Essence of Public Relations
  • The PESO Marketing Model
  • Public Relations: Understanding the Significance and getting started
  • The Link between Branding and PR
  • Principles of business etiquette and protocol
  • Achieving communication success
  • Personal and professional conduct
  • Planning and hosting VIP occasions
  • Proper communication etiquette

Variations in protocol and etiquette

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