Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

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Date and Fee

15-19, May, 2023, Arusha Fee: Tshs. 850,000

11-15, September, Morogoro Fee: Tshs. 850,000

20-25 November, Arusha. Fee: Tshs. 750,000

4-8 December, Mwanza Fee: Tshs 850,000


Fee: The fee covers facilitation, breakfast, lunch, participation certificate, and materials only

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Course Overview

Successful completion of projects depends on essential project planning, monitoring and evaluation skills. Good project management is essential for project impacts and delivering results. In this course, participants will learn methods for successful projects, creation project implementation teams. The course is also aimed at building the capacity of the participants carry on projects successful.



Target group

Project Managers/Project Coordinators, Directors of donor funded project and organizations, financial managers, Societies and NGOs workers, government project managers, international agencies project directors.



Benefits of the course

After the course will help participants to;

  • Understand and apply the concept of project design, planning, implementation, monitoring and Evaluation
  • Identify activities involved in project planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • Apply the concept of project design, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation in managing projects successful
  • Apply logical framework in creating transparent budget and work plan
  • Use the logical framework to design good monitoring and evaluation system aimed at tracking and reporting project results to the stakeholders
  • Conduct situational and stakeholders analysis
  • Prepare a detailed project proposal with clear aims and objectives and realistic methods of achieving them
  • Create systems for monitoring and evaluating projects.


Course Content

  • Project Planning
  • Situational and stakeholders analysis
  • The log frame
  • Preparing the project proposals
  • Organizing for Implementation
  • Fundraising
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
  • Monitoring and Results-based management (RBM) and participatory based M & E
  • Communicating and Reporting M & E findings
  • Risk analysis and Management Plan

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