Employee Motivation and Retention Strategies

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Date and Fee

6-10 March, 2023, Dodoma  Fee: Tshs. 850,000

21-25, August, 2023, Dar es Salaam Fee: Tshs. 850,000

20-24 November, Arusha Fee: Tshs. 850,000

4-8 December, Zanzibar Fee: Tshs. 1,200,000

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Course Overview

Motivated employees go the extra distance for your business; they are more productive; have lower stress levels; enjoy greater work satisfaction and will stay longer with your organization.

This Employee Motivation and Retention Strategies Course is intended to provides you with everything you need to launch sustainable employee motivation and retention plan and cultivate a culture engagement and retention. This course is comprised of a broad range of concepts, practices, and objectives arising out of the relationship between an organization and its employees and among the employees themselves. The course provides learners the knowledge and skills necessary to anticipate, address and diffuse workplace issues that ensure employee motivation, retention and achievement of  organization’s objectives for both private and public sector. 


Course Objective

This course provides learners with key skills that are vital for ensuring employees are motivated and retained for robust job satisfaction and organization performance.

Course Learning Benefits

After the course participants are expected to;

  • Fully understand the definition and scope of employee engagement – and the role it plays in organizational improvement and financial outcomes
  • Understand the importance of employee motivation and retention at work place
  • Understand the value in their people and how it can be harnessed
  • Gain proven methods for motivating and retaining teams successfully
  • Understand how to plan and implement employee motivation and retention initiatives
  • Be prepared to overcome challenges which can put your employee motivation and retention programme at risk
  • Understand how to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your activities and their outcomes; and communicate this effectively.

Mode of Learning

Lectures, Group discussion and activities, Videos and Case Studies.

Course Modules

Module ONE: Introduction to Employee Motivation and Retention

  • The concept of Motivation and retention
  • Why employee motivation is critical to your organization success
  • How to align motivation to achieve the needs of the business
  • Factors that influence motivation
  • Factors that influence retention
  • Application of motivational theories in modern work environment
  • How organizations have done it?
  • Research and case studies for employee engagement

Module Two: Employee Engagement is important?

  • Employee Engagement
  • Connecting your employees to the Vision and Purpose
  • Adapting your implementation style to meet the needs of the employees
  • Changing the culture for effective employee engagement
  • Why Employee resist change?
  • Implementing the change for effective employee engagement

Module Three: Engagement Principles, Model and Process

  • Principles
  • Model
  • Process
  • Values and Vision
  • Application of the Principles and Models in engaging employees successfully

Module Four: Matching Motivators to Individuals

  • Lesson Overview
  • Job Characteristics
  • Leadership styles
  • The role of leadership styles in organization
  • Motivating and Engaging employees through leadership styles


Module Five: Effective communication for motivating employees

  • The concept of communication
  • The role of communication in motivating employees
  • Communication as a tool for internal customer satisfaction
  • Communicating the need for creativity and innovation
  • Overcoming differences through communication
  • Engaging employees through Communication

Module Six:  Retention Strategies

  • Understanding the concept of retention
  • Retention strategies
  • Why retention strategies are necessary for an organization
  • Engaging employees through retention strategies
  • Developing an organization retention plan



  • Corporate-level Executives, Directors and HR Managers and HR Officers
  • Line Managers
  • Aspiring HR and organizational leaders
  • Business consultants
  • Business managers and owners
  • Quality and Productivity Professionals

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