Proven Debt Collection and Recovery Strategies

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Date and Fee

6-10, March, 2023, Arusha Fee: Tshs. 850,000 

19-23, June, 2023, Arusha Fee: Tshs. 850,000

11-15, September, 2023 Arusha Fee: Tshs. 850,000

6-10th November, 2023 Arusha Fee: Tshs. 850,000

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Course Overview

Debt collection is all about making a follow up of due debts. Debts collection and recovery strategies are vital for effective working capital management and organization, liquidity and profitability. This KMJ Consulting course will impart key skills and competencies to the participants of debt collection and recovery strategies. As a result, the participants will be more competent in assuming high responsibilities.


Target people

Top leaders, finance and credit officers/managers, Accountants, Receivables Managers, Debt collection agencies, legal and financial advisors and all other professions with passion to understand debt collection and recovery strategies.



The key objective of this Debt Collection, Recovery, Negotiation and Credit Control Management course is to empower professionals to—

  • Impart knowledge of debt collection, recovery and negotiation, and credit control strategies
  • Establish strong credit control systems and processes to for controlling fraudulent practices risks that may impact organization performance negatively
  • Design clear credit management policies
  • Establish strict credit sales and lending to customers
  • Audit loan repayments to identify risks and take appropriate actions
  • Gain multi-skills capabilities and assume more responsibilities



  • Introduction to debt collection, Recovery and Control
  • Types of debt collectors (First part agencies, third party agencies and sale of debt)
  • Process of Debt Recovery
  • Avoiding bad debts
  • Effective Debt Collection Strategies
  • Factors hindering debt collection
  • Functions of debt collection agencies
  • Methods used by debt collection agencies to recover debt
  • Components of effective credit policy
  • Negotiations for effective debt settlement
  • Liquidity Management (Cash flow Management, Receivables Management)
  • Credit control systems
  • Credit risk modelling
  • Borrowers credit risk

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