Cyber Security and Forensic

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Date and Fee

20-24 March, 2023 Arusha   Fee: Tshs.850,000

23-27 October, 2023 Arusha Fee: Tshs. 850,000

11-15 December, 2023 Arusha Fee: Tshs.850,000

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Course Overview

Both fields of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics have grown in recent years, and their expansion is expected to continue considering technology is always in a state of flux. This course satisfies emerging market requirements in the computer security field. The course provides the skills to understand the current condition of the industry besides the obvious advantage of standing out in the job market with technological proficiency. The Course Cyber Security and Digital Forensics is aimed participants who are interested in becoming proficient in the cyber security and digital forensics fields whilst focusing on a wide range of development skills and business oriented intelligent integrated solutions.


Course Objective

This course is aimed to impart participants with essential cyber security and forensics skills and expertise for implementing cyber securities and investigating crimes and examining evidences using technology.


Course Benefits

Participants of the course will;                                               

  • Gian the necessary skills to work in the cyber security and digital forensic fields and in addition
  • Be able to reflect on wider context of cyber security and digital forensic practices in organisations and society.
  • Obtain the necessary insights to make judgments, and frame appropriate questions to achieve a solution – or identify a range of solutions – to a problem.
  • Competently execute data acquisition from various sources to maximise preservation of data, whilst minimising contamination, and then use that data to inform an investigation.
  • Be able to competently execute an investigation to cover all aspects of the cyber security lifecycle.

Course Methodology

Lectures, Demonstrations, Practical and Discussion


Target Group

  • Crime Investigators
  • Accountants
  • Auditors
  • Forensic Auditors
  • Systems Auditors
  • Litigators and Lawyers
  • Police Officers and Investigators
  • Corruption Investigators


Course Contents

  • Cybercrime and digital forensics
  • Crime mapping
  • Criminal intelligence and investigation
  • Forensic Science Fundamentals: Step by Step from Crime to Court
  • Evidence collection and crime scene sketching
  • DNA Evidence and Fingerprinting
  • Automated Identification Technologies (AIT) and Software
  • Ethical hacking

Crime Prevention Measures Evaluation

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