Call Center and Customer Service Essential Skills

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Date and Fee

15-19, May, 2023, Arusha, Fee: Tshs. 780,000

11-15 September, Arusha, Fee Tshs. 780,000

4-8 December, Mwanza, Fee Tshs: 850,000


Fee: The fee covers facilitation, breakfast, lunch, participation certificate, and materials only

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Course Overview

Call Centers enable to build good customer relations. In the current highly competitive economy, successful organizations have recognized that clear customer communication can make them stand out from outcompete their competitors. For this reason, there has been increasing investment in call center staff and staff who are involved with direct communication with customers. Call centers skills are now essential for both call centers personnel and other staff who are directly involved with direct communication to customers. This course is therefore intended to impart essential call center skills to participants


Target group

This course is ideal for call centers staff and everyone working directly with customers


Benefits of the course

The course will delegates to;

  • Respond to customer calls with effective communication skills and courtesy
  • Understand service quality dimensions and apply them in service delivery at call centers
  • Gain essential skills for handling customer complaints and irritated customers
  • Master essential computer skills and telephone handling skills at call centers.
  • Gain health and safety skills for call centers

Course contents

  • Call Center basics
  • Professionalism
  • Customer Service Management
  • Product and Service Quality Dimensions
  • Strategies for handling customer complaints
  • Strategies for handling irritated customers
  • Telephone Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Health and Safety at Call Centers

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