Labor Laws, Disciplinary Handling And Termination Procedures

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7th – 11th March, 2022 – ARUSHA

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Course Overview

Understanding of labor laws and compliance are the blood for the performance of an organization. An organization which is capable of handling grivances and termination in accordance procedures legal is free from employee litigations and lossess caused by court orders to compensate the emloyees for unlawfully termination. Hence managers and employers need to be conversant with labor laws and compliance in handling staff, staff grivances and termination.


Target group

CEOs/MDs, HR Managers/Directors, College Principals/VCs, Managers at al levels, Business owners &  Employees and all people interested to understand labor laws.


Benefits of the Course  

Course contents

  • The Foundation and Origin of Labor Laws
  • Synopsis of Labor Laws
  • Employee Rights
  • Generally Accepted Employment Standards
  • Employee Grievances and Disciplinary Procedures
  • Labor Disputes Prevention and Resolution
  • Termination Procedures
  • Trade unions, Rights and Implications

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